About OneQode

Building the network Australia deserves.

We got sick of the status quo, so we set out to change it. That’s why we’re obsessively committed to building a high-speed broadband network which delivers an unparalleled customer experience.

Better Internet  |  Better Service  |  Better for Australia

Our Vision

Enough is enough.

As at the start of 2020, Australia sits 68th on the Global Speedtest Index for fixed broadband. Despite a huge and expensive government program, we’re falling further and further down the list. Worse, customers are being told to ‘switch or be shut off‘, when in many cases the switching options are both less reliable and more expensive.

Here at OneQode, we’re approaching the problem from another angle. Instead of laying lots of cable and using old wiring (like the current solution), we’re using modern, cheap and efficient point-to-point wireless technology to connect more people at faster speeds. 

We’re passionate about getting Australia back on track and climbing the global internet rankings. We believe its unacceptable that Aussies are being sold a ‘National Broadband Network’ which is, in many cases, just the same network with some minor facelifts. It’s unacceptable that the country that invented WiFi is sitting at almost half the global speed average. 

We’re dedicated to bringing you better internet. If that resonates with you, we invite you to come along for the journey. 

Early Access and You.

The OneQode Network is coming to selected areas for early access. Just like beta access to an app or game, early access means we’re still building our infrastructure, ironing out kinks and testing things. You’ll still probably get better service than some incumbent networks, but we’ll be actively after your feedback on how we can make things better.


Who we are.

OneQode is a fixed wireless internet provider deploying low-cost, high-bandwidth networks across Australia. Based in Brisbane, we’re rolling out an independently-owned and operated broadband network for both residential and commercial customers.

Building a new network from the ground up isn’t easy, but luckily we have a wealth of networking, telecomminications and regulatory experience within the organisation. Combine that with a dogged commitment to serving our customers and shaking the status quo, and we believe we can build a network which Australia can truly be proud of.

Ready to take flight?