Lightning fast broadband.

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We’re building a next generation network to deliver fast, secure and stable broadband for all Australians.

Deploying throughout Australia ▪ Urban, Regional and Rural

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Enjoy lightning fast internet

Internet done
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Data Without Limits

All our fixed plans come with no data restrictions. We won’t cap your use, limit downloads or shape speeds (unless you’re really pushing boundaries).

We Don't Slow You Down

Unlike other networks, we don’t over-subscribe connections as we grow. This means things stay fast for you even as more people sign up.

Easy to Switch

Decisions made a long time ago shouldn’t stop you choosing something better. Let us know if you’re locked into a plan and we’ll help you cut the ties.

You're Our Top Priority

Our network spawned from being fed up with the status quo, so we know what it’s like to feel underserved. That’s why you will always be our number one priority.

Homegrown and Local

OneQode is built by Aussies, for Aussies. Everyone involved understands what makes us tick, so when you need a hand, you’ll have someone who understands.

OneQode and you.

Our network comes in two forms. If you’re in range of our fixed network, we’ll make sure you get on that. If not, you can still come onboard our Australia-wide 4G mobile broadband network. 

Fixed Broadband

Superfast broadband on
our independent network

Lightning fast speeds, symmetrical bandwidth
No ‘speeds up to’ BS (get what you pay for)
No NBN involved
Available in select areas.

Mobile Broadband

For when fixed wireless isn’t
available in your area yet

Launching soon Australia-wide
Generous data allocations
Take your modem with you
Runs over 4G+ network

Check if you’re in range:

We’re working to deliver fast, secure and stable broadband for all Australians. Check to see if we’ve got something available in your area:

Get connected.

If you'd like to connect to the OneQode network, fill out your details and we'll be in touch shortly to confirm your options.